The Crowning Glory
A quarterly e-Newsletter of IITH

Volume 1 | Issue 13 | Oct - Dec 2022

Sensors & Devices @IITH

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received so far, and would like to offer sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved in these thirteen issues of किरIITH, as we bring this time our Third-Anniversary Issue. This 3 years journey could not be possible without the encouraging support of contributors & energizing feedback from our readers. Following this precedence, किरIITH is back with yet another critical area of research at IITH “Sensors and Devices Research @IITH” - Issue - 13. Our Cell phone has 10 Sensors, a Car has 400 Sensors. But we have none (Human-made), as said by Mr Vinod Khosla, this going to change. This issue of किरIITH observes – the 74 Republic Day of India - January 26, saluting the efforts of all those selfless humans who gave us the pride to call our India, a Republic Nation. We trust this issue of किरIITH will be an enlightening source of exceptional research work being carried out by the IITH fraternity in the theme area.

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Prof Chandrashekhar Sharma
SRC Office: Enabling and Facilitating the Scientific Research at IIT Hyderabad

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Prof Shiv Govind Singh
Sensors & Devices @IIT Hyderabad

KID 20231302   Pdf

Prof Shiv Govind Singh
सेंसर एवं डिवाइस @आईआईटी हैदराबाद

KID 20231303   Pdf

Prof Ashok Kumar Pandey & Prof Prem Pal
Microactuators, Microsensors & Micromechanisms (MAMM) 2022 Snippet

KID 20231304   Pdf

Prof Chandra Shekhar Sharma, Shaik Ruksana, & Kampara Roopa Kishore
Electrospun Metal oxide nanofibers based H2S gas sensor

KID 20231305   Pdf

Prof K V L Subramaniam
Embedded PZT Sensor Arrays for Comprehensive Local & Distributed Sensing of Concrete Structures

KID 20231306   Pdf

Dr Mudrika Khandelwal, Partha Pratim Das & Shreyansh Agarwal
Sensors for Food Packaging Applications

KID 20231307   Pdf

Prof Ranjith Ramadurai
Magneto-Electric Nanocomposites based Magnetic Field Sensors and Energy Harvesters

KID 20231308   Pdf

Mr Venkata Ramesh Naganaboina & Prof Shiv Govind Singh
Monitoring of Vehicular Emissions: Highly Selective and Sensitive Chemiresistive Gas Sensors

KID 20231309   Pdf

Dr Suryanarayana Jammalamadaka
Nanoionics-based memristor device for albumin detection

KID 20231310   Pdf

Ullas Pandey
The upturned leaf of destiny

KID 20231311   Pdf

Shaik Armaan
Decoding Luck

KID 20231312   Pdf

Dr Srinivasulu Kanaparthi
Chemiresistive gas sensors: Mixed gas sensing with analytical methods

KID 20231313   Pdf

Dr D Rajesh Reddy
Every day was best @IITH

KID 20231314   Pdf

Dr Suryasnata Tripathy
Challenges help us Grow!

KID 20231315   Pdf

Dr Ranjana Singh & Prof Shiv Govind Singh
Praanhita Biotronics - Protecting Life

KID 20231316   Pdf