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Volume 4 | Issue 3 | Jul - Sep 2022

Climate Change Research @IITH

Following this precedence, किरIITH is back with yet another critical area of research at IITH "#Climate Change Research @IITH ". This issue of किरIITH is released on - World Students' Day - October 15 to mark the birth anniversary of the missile man of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, underlining the importance we give to Invent & Innovate in Technology for Humanity (IITH) to ensure IITH is "A Dream Destination for Students, Academicians, Researchers & Collaborators".

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Dr Mudrika Khandelwal
Alumni plays a key role in building the institute and its reputation

KID: 20220301   Download

Dr Pritha Chatterjee
Dept of Climate Change, provides a much-needed platform to explore Climate Change and Sustainability in an all-encompassing way.

KID: 20220302   Download

Dr Rambabu Paravastu
Education meets Industry

KID: 20220303   Download

*Dr Aalok Dinkar Khandekar (R) & **Mr N Sai Venkata Sarath Chandra
Understanding Urban Heat

KID: 20220304   Download

Prof Kishalay Mitra
Climate Change Research @ GOKUL

KID: 20220305   Download

*Prof Chandrashekar C, **Dr Pritha Chatterjee, ***Dr Digvijay S Pawar (L-R)
Evaluating the Impact of Driving Style on Tailpipe Emissions in Heterogeneous Traffic

KID: 20220306   Download

Dr Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi
Development of eco-friendly and lowcost organic solar cells

KID: 20220307   Download

*Dr Satish Kumar Regonda, **Mr Surya Kiran Guniganti (L-R)
Development of a flood forecasting system integrating climate information

KID: 20220308   Download

Dr Satish Kumar Regonda
Climate change, extreme rains and floods - challenges and opportunities

KID: 20220309   Download

Dr Satish Kumar Regonda, Mr Azharuddin Mohammed, Mr Padmini Ponukumati (L-R)
Climatological aspects of rainfall and urban flood modeling for the City of Hyderabad

KID: 20220310   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Mr Abhishek Tiwari (L-R)
Green Buildings towards achieving UN SDGs

KID: 20220311   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Ms Sree Anusha G (L-R)
Going Green is the New Red. Period!

KID: 20220312   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Mr Lagnajeet Roy (L-R)
The deteriorating conditions of global hunger and poverty may lead to the next world war?!

KID: 20220313   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Ms Ravisha Jain (L-R)
Education-First step towards Sustainability

KID: 20220314   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Mr Utkarsh (L-R)
Inequality in India and its Effects on Society

KID: 20220315   Download

*Dr Shiva Ji, **Mr Zeeshan (L-R)
Marine Plastic pollution and tackling it

KID: 20220316   Download

Nitin Agarwal
Everything is not perfect but you can try to make it perfect

KID: 20220317   Download

Mr Keyur Punjani
iTIC Incubator, IITH
Startup Stories ALOG TECH

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